Franklin Clinton, the star of GTA 5, is an intriguing figure for players. They often ask: “What’s his age, and how does it relate to the game?” Knowing Franklin’s age helps us comprehend his background and motivations.

GTA 5 fans can gain insight into Franklin’s life by discovering his age. This can explain the struggles he faced as a young man in the criminal underworld of Los Santos. His age also reveals how his maturity and life experiences shape his role in the game.

Do we know anything else about Franklin? There could be unique characteristics that haven’t been explored yet. To find out, pay attention to hints dropped in conversations and storyline events. They can give us clues about Franklin’s age and his character.

So, hop in the driver’s seat and explore the thrilling world of GTA 5! Its characters may be aging, but one thing remains true: Everyone’s craving a sequel!

Brief background of GTA 5

GTA 5, or Grand Theft Auto V, is a popular action-adventure video game. It takes place in the fictional city of Los Santos and lets players control 3 characters: Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, and Trevor Philips. Each has their own special abilities and storylines that link together.

Players progress by doing missions such as heists, car chases, and shootouts. The open-world gives a huge cityscape to explore and meet its inhabitants.

Franklin Clinton is the young African-American main protagonist. He wants to escape his gang-ridden neighborhood and build a better life. He is good at driving and has the power to slow down time while behind the wheel.

Franklin gets involved with Michael De Santa’s criminal activities and they become close. Along with Trevor Philips, the 3 face rival gangs, corrupt officials, and other risks.

Fun fact – Franklin’s voice actor is Shawn Fonteno. He comes from South Los Angeles and this brings realism to Franklin’s character. Knowing each character’s age helps us understand their motivations in the game.

GTA 5’s cast of characters includes criminals and glitches – both timeless!

Overview of the main characters in GTA 5

GTA 5’s main characters are a mesmerizing trio! Michael, a 45-year-old retired banker, yearns for excitement and thrills. Trevor, a 48-year-old career criminal with a volatile nature, adds a wild element to the game. 25-year-old Franklin, on the other hand, is a repo-man who likes to stick to a strict bedtime.

These three characters’ destinies converge in Los Santos, where thrilling missions await. Embark on a journey of crime, loyalty, and redemption with Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. Immerse yourself in their gripping tales and discover the fate that awaits them. So gear up and join this thrilling gaming experience today!

Franklin Clinton’s age and backstory

Franklin Clinton is a key character in GTA 5, with an intriguing backstory full of detail. Fans, as well as gamers, are fascinated by his age.

Franklin Clinton’s life reveals his struggles as a young person in a crime-filled neighborhood. But he is determined to break free.

Franklin’s resilience is clear, even facing danger. His experiences in Los Santos have made him an expert and showed his loyalty to those he loves.

To understand Franklin Clinton, you must dive into the world of GTA 5. Discovering his age is vital to comprehend this iconic character.

Join Franklin Clinton as he reveals his past and takes on surprises and challenges. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore one of GTA 5’s most captivating individuals. Experience the trials and triumphs that await in this virtual realm!

Remember, GTA 5 characters may have been around for years, but their virtual Botox injections keep them forever young!

Comparison of the ages of the main characters

Let’s check out the ages of the three main characters in GTA 5: Michael, Franklin, and Trevor!

Character Age
Michael 45
Franklin 25
Trevor 48

Franklin is younger than the other two. This age difference adds a unique element to their interactions. Michael is an experienced criminal with age on his side, while Franklin is ambitious and youthful.

The age gaps influence their motivations too. Franklin’s energy drives him to seek success, while Michael’s midlife crisis pushes him back to a life of crime.

Don’t miss out on this thrilling experience and explore how age shapes each character’s choices! Franklin is older than the average virtual gangster, but still young enough to be carded at the Epsilon Program.


Pondering the ages of Grand Theft Auto V’s characters can fill us with curiosity and intrigue. One such character is Franklin Clinton, whose age has been a topic of interest. We can deduce he’s in his mid-20s. But there are still unique details to uncover.

Franklin’s youthful energy and agility make him perfect for the adrenaline-filled missions that GTA V offers. Though his exact age is unknown, the creators designed him to embody the spirit of a young, ambitious person navigating the harsh streets of Los Santos.

Diving deeper into Franklin’s character reveals nuances that add to his believability. He has a mix of street smarts and a desire for a better life. These traits back up his status as a real and relatable character.

Surprisingly, GTA V doesn’t tell us Franklin’s exact age. Players have had to make educated guesses based on context clues in the game. Sources, including Rockstar Games – the developer behind GTA V – say it’s widely accepted Franklin’s in his mid-20s. This info gives us a base to understand his backstory and motivations while enjoying the amazing open-world game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How old is Franklin in GTA 5?

A1: Franklin Clinton, one of the three main protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V, is 25 years old.

Q2: What is the age difference between Franklin and Michael in GTA 5?

A2: Franklin is significantly younger than Michael. The age gap between them is around 25 years, with Michael being in his early 50s.

Q3: How does Franklin’s age compare to Trevor’s in GTA 5?

A3: Franklin is much younger than Trevor. While Franklin is 25 years old, Trevor Phillips is in his 40s.

Q4: Is Franklin the youngest character in GTA 5?

A4: No, Franklin is not the youngest character in GTA 5. The youngest playable character is Jimmy De Santa, who is around 19 years old.

Q5: How old is Lamar Davis, Franklin’s friend, in GTA 5?

A5: Lamar Davis is roughly the same age as Franklin. He is also 25 years old.

Q6: Are there any older characters than Michael in GTA 5?

A6: Yes, there are older characters than Michael in GTA 5. The character Lester Crest is in his late 40s or early 50s.

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